Middlesbrough Domestic House Cleaning Case Study

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Middlesbrough  Domestic Home Clean Case Study

We were contacted earlier this week by a customer who ran a small business in Middlesbrough. She told us that she had fifteen people on her staff and that she had never had her offices professionally cleaned, but thought that it was about time she did. She asked us to come in and professionally clean all of the computers and office equipment that she owned, as well as cleaning the communal areas such as the toilets and the staff kitchen. We agreed to do all of this and told her we would be there at 9am the following day.

Our customer was there to meet us the next morning and gave us a quick tour of the offices so that we could see what work needed to be done. Overall, the offices were not too dirty, but all of the computers were definitely in need of a professional clean as the screens were very dirty and there were crumbs and lots of dust embedded in all of the keyboards. We had brought our specialist computer cleaning equipment with us, so several members of our team got started cleaning all of the computers, while the rest of us vacuumed the floors, disinfected all of the desks and workstations and emptied all of the bins.

Once the main office space was completely clean, we moved onto the communal kitchen, which also contained a large table and chairs. The microwave clearly hadn’t been cleaned in months, so this required a lot of scrubbing and disinfecting in order to remove the layers of stubborn food. We also wiped down all of the surfaces, polished the table and vacuumed and mopped the laminate flooring.

The toilets were the last on our list, and while they weren’t too dirty, we gave them both a thorough clean, emptying the bins, scrubbing and disinfecting the toilet bowls and mopping the floors. Once we had returned them to a high state of cleanliness, we took a look around the whole building to make sure that we hadn’t missed anything, and then returned the keys to our customer, who told us that she was very happy with our work.

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