White Vinegar: The Unsung Hero Of Home Cleaning

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Sophie’s Cleaning Tips – White Vinegar: The Unsung Hero of Home Cleaning

Cleaning a home is a process with a thousand roads all leading to the same destination. While you might wish to hire professional help, purchase a raft of specialised products or simply apply good old fashioned elbow grease, finding the best way to clean your home can be an on-going learning adventure. When it comes to those little tricks and tips which make your life easier, it may surprise you to discover just how useful white vinegar can be around the home.Removing Odours

One of the most difficult problems when keeping a clean home is shifting those offensive odours. Whether it is the smell of cigarettes lingering after a party or the aroma of the family pet after a walk in the rain, getting rid of bad smells can often be a great deal harder than it looks. Placing an open bowl of white vinegar in a room overnight can help dissipate the scent. By the time you have thrown out the contents of the bowl in the morning, any room should be fresh once again.

Removing Stains

For those times when a stain has made its way onto your carpet, simply mix a teaspoon of white vinegar, a teaspoon of washing up liquid and a quarter litre of warm water together before pouring into an empty spray bottle. Spray onto the stain, allow the solution to settle for a couple of minutes and then dab at the area with a paper towel until the stain comes away. This can help you save a small fortune on expensive cleaning products by simply using items you can find around the home.

Cleaning Windows

If you want to clean marks and streaks from a window, simply wash out the same spray bottle and fill it with equal parts white vinegar and water. With this in hand, spray on to the window and wipe away with a soft cloth. When it comes to removing any manner of household streaks, stains and smells, you may well be surprised about how useful a simple bottle of white vinegar can be.

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