Sunderland Domestic House Cleaning Case Study

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Sunderland Domestic Home Clean Case Study

This week we were contacted by Sunderland council, who wanted us to clean one of their libraries in Sunderland. They told us that the library had been closed for the past two weeks because of a faulty central heating system and they had decided that this was a good time to get it professionally cleaned.

Our customer informed us that the library had two floors, with lots of computers on the second floor, which needed to be professionally cleaned. There were also of course many shelves of books, which needed to dusted and wiped down, as well as lots of tables and chairs, many of which had chewing gum stuck to them which needed to be removed.

Our customer also asked us to clean the public toilets, and the small staff room and the storerooms that were at the back of the building. We agreed to do all of these jobs, and told our customer that we would arrive at 10am the following morning.

Our customer was there to meet us when we arrived and gave us a quick tour of the building, before leaving us with the keys, as they had to go on to another job. As our customer had described, the library was spilt over two floors, with the second floor mostly full of computers and workstations. We had brought our specialist computer cleaning equipment with us, so several members of our team set to work immediately, while the rest of us got started on the rest of the library, dusting the books, wiping the shelves, and removing chewing gum from all of the chairs and tables.

We then vacuumed both floors several times to make sure that we had removed all of the dust and dirt. Once we had finished with the main building, we moved onto the staff room and the storeroom. The staff room was quite a small one, and contained a table and chairs, as well as a small kitchenette. The room was generally quite clean, but we gave everything a thorough once over, vacuumed the carpets and wiped down all of the surfaces and fixtures and fittings.

The storeroom was also very small and just required dusting and vacuuming in order to bring it up to scratch. All that we had left to do now was to clean the public toilets, of which there was one male and one female. These were in a slightly dirty state, and therefore required a lot of scrubbing and disinfecting in order to bring them up to a good state of cleanliness. We mopped the floors thoroughly and emptied all of the bins and disinfected them. Once we had cleaned the bathrooms though, our job was done and we were ready to lock up the building and post the keys through the door as we had been instructed to do by our customer.

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