Party Planning Tips That Make Cleaning Up Easier Afterwards!

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Party Planning Tips That Make Cleaning Up Easier Afterwards!

If you are throwing a party, you are probably really looking forward to the event. What you are probably not looking forward to is the job of cleaning up your home after the party is finished. A party clean up can be a big undertaking, but, if you plan your party well there are things you can do that will minimise the job you have to do when the guests have gone home.

One of the best things to do is simply to book a professional cleaner to come in the next day and take care of everything for you, but if you want to do the work yourself instead, here are a few things you can do to make it easier:

1. Use paper or plastic disposable plates, cups and cutlery, so that you don’t have an enormous pile of washing up to do. Recycle them where possible.

2. Have bins or bags for rubbish around the areas where guests are likely to congregate, such as in the living room, kitchen and garden. People will be more likely to throw away their used plates, cans and cups this way than leave them lying around.

3. Put everything in your kitchen that isn’t for the party away in cupboards or drawers before the event. This way, guests can help themselves to food or drinks without getting anything else messy.

4. Decide which rooms you want the party to take place in and keep the rest closed up. This will mean less rooms to clean than if you simply let people hang out all over your house.

5. Keep all drinks in one place, for example the kitchen. People can come and get drinks whenever they want this way without you ending up with bottles in all sorts of places later on.

With a little bit of thought to how you will clean up afterwards, you can plan your party to avoid too much mess and work!

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