Spring Cleaning Made Easy

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Sophie’s Cleaning Tips

Spring Cleaning Made Easy

Its that time of year again when the days get longer and temperatures begin to climb but that also means the return of the dreaded spring clean. You may want to put it off but spring cleaning needn’t be such a chore. By using natural ingredients that you may already have in your cupboard, your annual overhaul can be quick, easy and dare I say, fun!

Ditch your expensive, chemical-laden cleaning products and adopt a more natural approach. Here are some powerful ingredients that are cheap, easy to find and incredibly effective.

Bicarbonate of Soda

Bicarb is a multi-tasking life saver. As an abrasive, it?s fantastic for deep cleaning and would be ideal for taking care of ovens, toilets, baths and sinks. Another amazing property of bicarbonate of soda is that it absorbs smells and can therefore be sprinkled onto carpets or fabric sofas and then vacuumed off, leaving upholstery clean and odour free. If you are looking for even more cleaning power, combine bicarb with an acid such as lemon juice and watch it foam.

Essential Oils

Essential oils offer a wide range of benefits which can be applied to cleaning around the home. Many essential oils, such as tea tree, peppermint and lemon are antimicrobial and are therefore ideal for tackling problems such as mould. This along with their pleasing aroma, means that essential oils are fantastic for cleaning hardwood floors, simply add a few drops to your water.

White Vinegar

As well as being naturally antibacterial, white vinegar can cut through grease and grime with ease. Anywhere where you would like to bring up shine will benefit from white vinegar, whether its taps, door handles or even windows. You can also add this miraculous fluid to your washing for effective stain removal.

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