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Sophie’s Cleaning Tips

The time is upon you! Your tenancy in your rented student apartment has now come to an end! You may be asking yourself, Where did the time go? Either way if you’re a student, you’ve got more than a handful of cleaning to do before you vacate your property. After all, we all know how financially draining student life is, so you most definitely want every last penny of your deposit back right? Of course! Now with every tenancy agreement, there is always a section where you must agree to return the property back to its original state i.e exactly how it was when you moved in.

Now this doesn’t mean completely revamping the whole property, adding a conservatory or arranging for a 42 inch screen plasma to be delivered for the house because you think the landlord will like it, that’s just outrageous. The best way to approach this task is to not think of it as a major, deep cleaning operation (with the assumption that you have not allowed your property to become something similar to a pig sty of course) but rather a simple, smart, easy cleaning process.

The best thing to do first of all is to clear out all of your belongings. That way you have a clearer mind and you can see the places that need attention a lot easier.

Here a few pointers for the most likely occurrences:

Mold and Mildew- This is a classic for houses and is usually found building up around air vents, window sills and walls with little to no insulation. A tip for removal is to get a bucket full of soapy hot water and scrub excess mold off with a sponge. Make sure you wear protective gloves and a face mask if necessary. Then to spray anti mold products on the affected areas after.

White goods- These involve baths, sinks and toilets. Always use bleach products to eradicate bacteria and germs. Scrub with sponge and again wear gloves.

Laminate Floors, kitchen tiles & surfaces- Sweep and mop floor and use anti-bacterial spray to scrub surfaces, oven etc. Eucalyptus oil is good for stubborn grease stains.

Furniture/Windows- Make sure all wooden goods are polished and free of dust. Also polish windows inside and outside.

Oder Removal- Always leave then house smelling fresh. Spray property with Glade or similar products.

So there you have it! The idea is to leave the property in state you would be happy with if you were viewing it for the first time. Happy Cleaning!

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