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Sophie’s Cleaning Tips : General House Cleaning

I have worked as a cleaner both in my own house and other peoples and I take a pride in making sure that the job is done thoroughly and professionally.

I make sure when vacuuming that a good room to room clean is focussed and precise whether that be upstairs or down, when using a vacuum cleaner I make sure that the floors are given a good going over and will utilise all tools at my disposal that are connected to the vacuum cleaner for using up corners or nooks and crannies, mats and rugs can either be taken outside and given a good shake or can be lifted so the carpet or whatever type of flooring can be given a through clean.

Kitchen floors if they are made of stone tiles can be mopped or any hard floor surface come to that can be mopped but the mop should be rung out in the bucket to provide a damp clean as you go about cleaning the floor with the mop or alternatively for a thorough clean the more modern steam cleaning machine is a good way of getting a thoroughly clean surface. With laminate a good brushing with a broom and dustpan will suffice too to get rid of bits or debris.

Bathrooms can be cleaned with a cloth whether that be a quick wipe around the toilet lid, under the lid, you can use a liquid to clean the inside of the toilet bowl and use bleach as I do to leave it to soak before flushing later, you can use any cream cleaner and you must remember to wipe the pedestal and the back too just give them a good wipe round, the bath can be given a quick wipe round with cleanser whether it be a top brand or a shop brands own make.

Dusting and polishing should be thorough and when using polishing you should use your duster with a lot of elbow grease to avoid smearing say on screens for example.

Bins should be emptied around the house and replace with new linings as that saves doing each room individually whenever you notice them or get the time.

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