Tools Every Woman Should Own

If you are a self-respecting, I-can-do-it-all Renaissance woman of the 21st century, you have got to have a good set of tools. No buts about it. A well-stocked toolbox is your key to pulling off all manner and intensity of construction, repair and generally life improving projects around your house or apartment.

Here is what you need and why:

1. A Tape Measure. You need to own a tape measure: eyeballing the dimensions just doesn’t cut it, whether you are installing shelves or just trying to decide if that fab couch you saw online is actually going to fit in the living room. Take no chances, and measure it. A good, heavy-duty tape measure will never lead you wrong.

2. A Utility Knife. You probably used one of these in your high school art class. Either an Exacto knife or a retractable razor blade comes in handy for everything from cutting electrical tape to repairing holes in sheetrock.

3. A 16 oz. Hammer. Need I say more?

4. A drill, with bits. A good drill can cost as little as $24, so there’s no excuse not to own one. They are useful for everything from installing shelves and blinds to putting together furniture and building end tables and book ends. If you only own one power tool in your life, this should be it.

5. Phillips and flat-head screwdrivers. You’re too old to be tightening and removing screws with a butter knife.

6. A 1-inch and a 6-inch rigid putty knife. These little guys can be used for scraping the muck out of recessed corners of your pad, taking the finish off of old furniture (in conjunction with chemicals) as well as spackling and repairing walls.

7. A Hacksaw. It comes in handy for many repair projects, such as cutting off rusted bolts. These saws are tough, and can cut through both metal and wood.

8. Electrical tape and duct tape. Need to rewire your speakers? You’ll be happy you had a roll of electrical tape on hand. Your sink suddenly leaking and need a quick fix for that loose pipe? You’ll be happy you had that duct tape in the drawer.

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