Changes You Can Make To Your Home

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Whatever you are thinking of doing to your home, it is important to get the reasons for doing it into perspective. The idea of ‘added value’ has relatively little value. Once again, property prices are about 90% dependent on demand. You can sell crap if it is in the right place, the right place is where the demand is. Do not undertake expensive work if you can’t afford to lose it. It is unlikely that you will recoup the cost of a loft conversion, for example, solely on its ‘added’ value. If you are in the right situation, you may be able to recoup it through the natural inflation of the price.

You have two basic choices when making changes to your home. Either go for the mainstream look, to appeal to the largest audience when you sell, or forget about everyone else and do what suits you . The classic example of hedging your bets is going for neutral colours when you decorate.

Consider the visual impact of what you do, followed by the practicalities with respect to everyday living. Replacement windows are very popular, especially in plastic. The advantage, they don’t rot. However, this ultra modern material is not in keeping with the majority of homes, which were built a long time ago when wood was the material of choice. Even most new housing developments are based on variations of traditional styles and architecture. If you have wooden sash windows, that’s what you really need for their replacement.Windows are relatively expensive, and a repair job might be a more viable alternative.

If you live in a house where the original roof covering was slate, it is best to opt for slate if you need to have the covering replaced,  it will look conspicuous and even ridiculous with single lap profiled concrete tiles. Slates are more expensive and laborious to fit as each one must be nailed (time = money), but the aesthetic appeal of your house goes further than the living room wallpaper. Extensions and dormers can be designed to blend in, or made to look like an after thought. Flat felt roofs do not match if the original construction is of slate or tile.

Their durability can be poor and it is a difficult, messy DIY job. Is what you are doing practical? If your /extension takes up all the garden, is it worth it? A loft conversion is more efficient in that respect. A conservatory may seem like a good idea, but if your garden is very sunny, you might find it impossible to use it in the summer without an air-conditioning unit. A conservatory not only looks like a greenhouse, it suffers from  the ‘greenhouse effect’. Wooden decking is a fashion item. However, nobody seems to point out the fact that if you lay it in a shady area it will get covered in green mould, looking very unattractive and making it very slippery to walk on. So, do a little planning before you decide what to do. Just because Mr. or Ms. Jones is having it done, it isn’t automatically a good idea.

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