4 Things To Consider When Hiring A Cleaner

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4 Things to Consider When Hiring a Cleaner

When you lead a busy life, having someone to take care of your basic home cleaning needs can be a huge time saver. Ordinary cleaning tasks that need to be done regularly like dusting and hoovering can sometimes fall pretty low on your list of priorities when you have a lot of other commitments, and so hiring a professional to complete them for you means you have the benefits of a nice clean home without the effort of doing it yourself encroaching on your limited spare time. If you have decided that you want to hire a regular cleaner, here are some things to consider:

1. What Are The Exact Tasks You Want Your Cleaner To Do?

You may at first think that you simply want someone to hoover, clean the bathroom and dust once a week, but you may find that there are other services they can offer while they are there that can make your life even easier, for example doing your ironing.

2. How Regularly Do You Need Your Cleaner To Come?

Most people choose to have a cleaner come once a week for regular tasks, and then come on additional occasions for a spring clean.

3. How Do You Want To Let Your Cleaner In?

Some people are comfortable giving their cleaner a spare key and allowing them to work when they are out of the house, but others choose to plan a time when they can let their cleaner in before they go to work, or only have their cleaner visit when they are at home.

4. Do You Have Any Special Requirements Your Cleaner Needs To Know About?

If you are particularly keen to have a certain type of cleaning product used on certain surfaces, for example on your hardwood floor or your leather furniture, it is best to discuss this before you engage a cleaner so they will know what you want.

Using a cleaner can save you a lot of time for relatively little expense, and most professional cleaners are very accommodating to their clients’ needs. It is important, however, to think through exactly what you want so that the relationship with your cleaner can start off as you mean to go on!

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