How To Keep Your Rugs Clean All Year Round

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How to Keep Your Rugs Clean All Year Round

Rugs can be one of the biggest problems when it comes to keeping your house spick and span. While they can do a great job of brightening up a room or creating a natural divide between areas of an open plan living space, rugs are prone to gathering dust and hair, and the problem can be exacerbated when you have pets who may feel that the rug is the best place to sleep when it is cold on other parts of the floor (for example if you have tiled or wood flooring).

If you want to keep your rugs odour free and looking their best throughout the year, there are a few things you need to do. First of all, run a hoover over the rug once a week or more to suck up any dust or pet hair. Even if you don’t have any animals living in your home, rugs are a magnet for dust and for your own hair and that of the other people living in your house. A hoover will take care of all of this and stop your rug from turning into somewhere dust mites might live and breed, meaning you will have no problems with allergens if you have anyone in your family who has asthma, eczema or other conditions that can be made worse by exposure to dust or dust mites.

As well as this regular maintenance, take your rugs outside every once in a while and ‘beat them’. This means shaking the rug vigorously and hitting it firmly with a stick or other good ‘beating’ instrument. This will knock out any dirt or dust that has become ground into the rug.

For a quick fix, using a brush to take off dust and spraying the rug with an odour neutralising spray like Febreze can also help, allowing you to freshen up your rugs in terms of both how they look and how they smell very rapidly.

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