Top Tips For Cleaning Your Gutters

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Top Tips for Cleaning Your Gutters

Cleaning your guttering is something that needs to be done from time to time, to stop leaves shed from trees and other waste from clogging up your guttering system. It is one of those jobs nobody looks forward to, because it involves getting up a high ladder and can be quite intimidating.

Here are some tips to make cleaning your guttering not only more efficient, but also safer.

1. Plan your route around your gutters efficiently. Look not only at what needs to be done, in terms of where there are gutters around your house, but also at what the fastest and safest way to position yourself is. You can move your ladder easily, but make sure you aren’t doubling back on yourself because this will make the job take much longer.

2. Wear good gloves. It sounds obvious, but you really need to make sure you can easily scoop out leaves and other debris with your hands when you are up the ladder. A small shovel can be a big help, but generally, people end up doing most of the gutter cleaning with their hands, so a good set of rubber gloves or gardening gloves that will allow you to handle what can be quite sharp bits of tress and other plants, can make a big difference. You also may have to be dealing with insects, so be careful and make sure your skin is protected.

3. Have someone ‘spot’ you when you are up the ladder if you can. Climbing a ladder is a necessary part of cleaning guttering, but climbing up high is dangerous and having someone to watch and hold the ladder steady when you need it can make sure that the whole operation is much safer than it otherwise would be.

4. Use the time you are up the ladder cleaning your gutters to inspect your roof. Roofing and the tiling up there does need to be checked from time to time to ensure it stays at its best, and while you are cleaning your guttering you can inspect tiles and other roofing without having to make an extra trip up the ladder!

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