A Few Useful Tips For A Smart, Safe & Efficient Home Clean

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Sophie’s Cleaning Tips

A few useful tips for a smart, safe, and efficient house cleaning.

All of us desire our house to be immaculate and glittering. Since house cleaning is not exactly a recreational activity, it’s good to know some tips that help to optimize both your time and results.

Before starting, play some music you love, if you can. It will cheer you up and make the process more pleasant, having a good impact on the quality of cleaning.

There are some efficient methods commonly accepted among professional cleaners, such as wiping up from the top to the bottom, and moving from left to right around any room. The former will avoid dirty, crumbs, or dust spreading on already cleaned surfaces and floors; the latter will enable you to know both where to start and where to end precisely, without missing areas, or conversely cleaning them twice.

In the bathroom, first remove dust from light appliances and taps. Then sanitize and wipe up bathtub, sink and toilet, and do not forget to move clockwise. At the end, hoover the floor first, and then mop it up. It’s the aforementioned top to bottom method, which, of course, can be applied to any room in the house.

Use different cleaning clothes for different products and rooms. It will prevent both bacteria contamination and potentially harmful chemical reactions that might occur when different chemicals are mixed up. Also, wash all rags on a weekly basis to keep them from incubating and developing germs.

Ultimately, it’s recommendable to use green products for an eco-friendly and safer cleaning. They derive from plants, so no trace of chemicals at all. And they are actually effective. Otherwise, as a cheaper alternative, you can even go for white vinegar, hot water and baking soda. You will find this natural mixture highly efficacious not only to clean and remove stains, but also to disinfect.

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