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Sophie’s Cleaning Tips

Cleaning can be fun – if, like any other job, you are organized and have the right tools. This type of cleaning routine is for those who are short of time. It is effective because it follows a specific order.

This type of cleaning is always time managed, so its good to get all your ducks in a row, then, go for it. The ducks, of course, being all equipment, materials and substances needed to do the job. It is also a good idea to work through each room in a specific order. This will save time and your mind will log the routine.

Have a plan. Tackle areas that have the heaviest cleaning issues first.

In the bathroom, in preparation, disinfect the toilet and leave. Spray cleaner on hard stains in the bath and washbasin, and again, leave.

In the kitchen, use cream cleanser in the sink and drain to remove stains. Wipe exterior of cupboards, shelves, kitchen tops, white goods and cooker. Clean the kitchen sink and any windows. Finally sweep and mop the floor. Return to the bathroom. Clean the washbasin, surfaces and the shower or bath. Clean the toilet and the floor.

In the bedroom and front room, dust and vacuum.


Change gloves after cleaning each room, to avoid cross contamination.

Use kettle-boiled hot water to mop. It helps the floor dry quickly.

Use mops with removable, washable heads.

Highs and lows. It always makes sense to start high for example, dust coving and finish low, vacuum or mop floor.

Collect the toilet cloth, bath/shower cloth and general cleaning cloths in three separate plastic bags for separate washes.

Wipe skirting boards with a damp cloth, to keep dust down.

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