Cleaning Your Toilet Properly

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Sophie’s Cleaning Tips – Cleaning Toilet Tip

Water Stain

A mixture of borax and lime essence will remove water mark circles inside the toilet bowl:

First, flush the toilet.
Daub the mixture of borax and lime essence over the circles.
Leave it for two hours.
Scrub it as usual with toilet brush.

If the stains persist, use smooth sandpaper or smoothest steel wood pad. Scrub slowly to avoid scratches.
How to Keep the Toilet Clean

Add a half cup of chlorine bleach once a week.
Leave it for 15 minutes.
Scrub it and flush until clean.


Pour vinegar in the toilet and leave it overnight.
Scrub normally in the morning and flush until clean.

Another method:

Put two tablets of false teeth cleaner in the toilet.
Leave it for two hours.
Scrub it and flush until clean.

Yet, other alternative method:

Pour the remaining of your coca cola into the toilet.
Leave it for 15 minutes.
Scrub it and flush until clean.

How to Get Rid of Toilet Smell

Pour a half cup of vinegar in a small bowl and pour it in the toilet tank.
Alternatively, put the vinegar at the corner of the bathroom.
Other method to get rid of the smell immediately is by strike a match in the bathroom, then drop it into the toilet bowl.

Mirror Cleaning Tips

Hair Spray

The hair spray sprinkles which starts congealed on the mirror could be removed by wiping it with crumpled newspaper.
Sparkling Mirror

Use a mixture of two tablespoons of vinegar with one liter of water to get a clean and shiny mirror.
Clean Mirror

To keep the mirror clean:

Dampen soft cloth with petroleum or alcohol.
Polish all over the mirror with those liquid.
Clean normally.

How to Remove Water Steam

Use hair dryer with medium heat to remove the water steam on the mirror.

How to Keep the Mirror Steam-Free

Polish the mirror with gliserine.

Alternatively, spray slight shaving cream on a rug. Wipe the mirror until the cream is gone.
Yet another method, Polish the mirror with lime extract all over the mirror. Then wipe it clean with clean water.
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