How To Deep Clean Your Bathroom

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Sophie’s Cleaning Tips – Bath Cleaning Tip Tub and Sink


Whenever you want to use the bathtub, it is better to start by filling up the bottom of the bathtub with cool water before filling it up with hot water. This will avoid condensation and will be safer for kids.
Bathtub Stains

Stains could be easily removed from porcelain bathtub and sink by:

Mixing hydrogen peroxide and cream of tartar.
Daub this mixture over the stain and slowly scrub the stain with damp cloth.
If the stains persist, daub the mixture once more, cover it with damp cloth and leave it overnight.

How to Make the Porcelain Bathtub and Sink Shiny

Scrub the porcelain bathtub and sink with the mixture of turpentine and salt.

How to Clean Bathmat, Vinyl Mat or Rubber Mat

Fill the bathtub with hot water.
Hose down the mat with bathroom cleaner.
Soak it in the bathtub for a few hours.
Rinse well with a lot of water.
Wipe it clean.

Even better, put the mat in the washing machine when you wash rags. Those rags will scrub the mat clean.

Cleaning Tip for a Shower

Clean small mould stains by:

Mixing baking soda and water.
Use old toothbrush to scrub the mixture on the stains.

Shower heads are often clogged up. Clean it by:

Removing the shower head.
Boiling it for 15 minutes with a half cup of vinegar and one liter of water.

If you do not want to remover the shower head:

Fill up thick plastic bag with vinegar.
Put the bag on the shower head.
Fasten the bag with rubber band.
Leave it for a half of an hour.

To easily clean the shower head made from plastic is by soaking the shower head in two cups of vinegar and two cups of hot water (not boiling water).

Tip on Cleaning a Shower Door

Water stain on shower door or shower screen, the faucet and stainless steel pipe can be easily removed by scrubbing it with alcohol.Put your shower screen in the washing machine along with several rags. Those rags will help scrubbing the shower screen. To keep the shower screen free from mould, soak for a moment in salt water before you hang it.

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