Mattress & Pillow Cleaning Tips

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Sophie’s Cleaning Tips

Choose which room you are going to clean first. Clean it first until finish before you move on to the next rooms. Otherwise you only waste time by going back and forth, but none of the rooms are really clean and tidy.

Remember, use a cart to put all the cleaning products. If you do not have a cart, use big box which you could drag or carry (Be careful not to scratch the floor). Get creative! Put everything’s there; duster, furniture polisher, windows cleaner, paper towel, cloth and so on. That way, you do not have to go back and forth if you need anything. Start with picking up all the stuff on the floor. Bring another box or laundry basket along and put everything inside.

Cleaning a Mattress Tip

Leave the mattress under the sun every now and then to kill the germs and bacteria and stroke it to remove the dust.
If it is impossible to carry the mattress outside, use vacuum cleaner to clean the dust. Adjust suitable setting and nozzle accordingly.
Put a mattress sheet before you put the bed sheet to keep the mattress clean.
To get rid of bedbugs, put dried orange skin under the mattress, bedsheet or pillow. The orange smell is unpleasant for bedbug.

Pillow Cleaning Tips

Pillow, Pillow Case and Bed Sheet

First, check the cleaning instruction label. If it is suggested not to wash them, bring them to laundry for professional dry cleaning.

Then check to ensure that there is no tear or loose end.
Hand-wash with warm water and soft detergent.
Alternatively, use washing machine (delicate materials setting). If you use washing machine:
Stir the water with the detergent first.
Stop the machine.
Put the stuff you want to wash.
Wash and rinse twice or until the water is no longer dirty.
If you have dryer, set the least hot temperature even if it will take hours to dry it. This will make the sheets last longer.
If you do not have dryer, hang the sheets outdoor.

How to Wash Pillows with Beads

If it is really necessary to wash it wash it with soft gentle foam detergent.
If it is not necessary to wash it, stroke it with your palm to remove dusts.

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