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Sophie’s Cleaning Tips

Come clean and get your deposit back

There’s no doubt about it: Moving house is one of the most stressful events in a person’s life, and that’s before you even think about getting the place spick and span for your landlord or landlady’s final inspection!

As a tenant, it is your responsibility to ensure that the property is in substantially the same state of repair and at the same standard of cleanliness as it was when you assumed your tenancy, allowing for “fair wear and tear.” This essentially means that any minor damage or deterioration resulting from normal use or natural action is not your responsibility.

It is, however, crucial that you take the final cleaning of the property seriously, as this can affect the amount you get back from your original deposit. Therefore, there are a number of areas you should focus on to ensure that you pass the inventory check with flying colours.

Make sure that the kitchen is clean, including the floor and appliances. Don’t forget to wash inside the kitchen cupboards once you’ve emptied them and under no circumstances neglect the oven and hob, which can accumulate a significant amount of grime if used regularly, and will make a terrible impression if left uncleaned.

If you want to look really impressive, steam clean the carpets and rugs. If you don’t own a steam cleaner, you can rent one relatively cheaply and it will likely come with a range of attachments which will enable you to clean floors, windows, walls and tiles, as well as carpets. This is a great way of quickly and comprehensively taking care of a big cleaning job and may be especially useful where walls are concerned, as your landlord or landlady may decide to redecorate at your expense if there are too many marks on the walls.

One final tip: Do your big clean as close to the inventory check as possible to ensure maximum cleanliness. Good luck!

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