Sophie’s Cleaning Tip’s – Party Clean Up

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Sophie’s Cleaning Tip‘s

Party Clean-up

It’s the morning after. Your house looks like it’s been maimed. Party debris litters every surface and you’re left questioning the structural integrity of your roof after a particularly lively Lionel Richie number. Even through the high-pitched hangover smashing at your skull, you know something must be done, before someone calls the building inspector.

The problem is, you’ve failed to implement the critical preventative measures that take party cleanup from queasy to easy. It’s all about preparation. Consider these simple steps:

1. The Large and Highly Visible Bin Plus Basketball Hoop. Find the biggest beer bottle/solo cup receptacle you can get your hands on. Think paddling pool/national debt sized. Take that bad boy and place it in the most conspicuous position possible. Secure a cheap basketball hoop above it. Your riotous revellers won’t be able to resist aiming whatever s in their hands at the hoop, and, thusly, into said receptacle. Goodbye, bottles in the bathtub! Farewell, paper plates on the stairwell!

2. Sippy Cups. You heard me. Sippy cups. They’re so spill proof, they let babies use them. And babies aren’t very good at tidiness. Which is not to say that your inebriated friends wont find some way to turn your kitchen floor into sellotape with the careless slopping of their sugary beverages, but it would certainly help. Especially when you pad in on soft, tender feet the next morning looking for a drink of water.

3. The best way to keep your house tidy during a party is to throw it somewhere else. Not your house, the party. That’s right. You wouldn’t be in this mess (literally) if you’d had the presence of mind to throw the bash at your mates pad. Let someone else clean up the muck while you bask in the glory of your 4am dance-off victory.

Sophie’s Cleaning Tips - Had A Wild Party?
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