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Sophie’s Cleaning Tips

Cleaning is considered a pivotal aspect of house maintenance. Many separate jobs add up to the general importance of what is reasoned to be a ‘clean house.’ This ‘clean house’ is both an important and integral duty that, for example, renting tenants may owe to the landlord or owner of such an establishment.

It is thus equally important for the tenant to want to keep the landlord happy, and ensure that they themselves are inhabiting a clean and healthy abode.

Failing to adhere to this, often assumed, duty can cause relationship issues between the two parties as well as potential physical and health concerns. Not cleaning up food crumbs in the kitchen and eating areas can often result in the attraction of unwanted creatures and insects. Namely: mice, rats, ants and cockroaches. Therefore regular cleaning will include daily, weekly, monthly and even special occasions in the yearly calender, Spring cleaning!

A ‘Spring clean’ is one which is generally undertaken during the Spring portion of the year. This individual clean is thought to be the biggest of all. It entails all aspects of the house from standard weekly jobs like bathroom and shower cleaning to jobs which are generally put off, say for example the deep cleaning of an over, or getting those hard to reach places of the windows from the outside.

Indeed the notion of a Spring clean lends it self to be associated in many ways to the notion of a ‘deep clean,’ – that is one which generally refers to doing a real thorough job! One might remove furniture from the residence and vacuum under places that otherwise would not get reached in the weekly and monthly clean, say under a bed or couch, behind a bookshelf or other potential locations where dust can build up gradually.

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