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Easy After Party Clean

The dreaded after party clean-up is usually undertaken with a sore head. If you’re a Mary Poppins type, merely donning a pair of Marigolds is likely to make you feel livelier and more purposeful; if not, read on.

What you can do before and during the party

There are several ways to make the after party clean up simpler and less stress-inducing. Pre party, consider paper plates and plastic cutlery, and don’t be embarrassed to ask your guests for a little help before they leave as many hands make light work.

Once your guests have departed, tackling wine or food stains should be at the top of your to do list. The longer you ignore stains and spills, the more difficult they will be to get rid of. Red wine stains can be removed from carpets and furnishings in a number of ways. If a red wine stain is still wet, try covering it with salt, club soda or even milk; if it has dried, investing in a strain removing spray and applying it as soon as possible is probably your best bet.

White wine stains respond well to household detergents, while beer stains can be sponged with vinegar and doused with warm soapy water. (Remember, velvet, suede, and silk, in particular, should be treated with great care.)

As soon as you’ve dealt with pressing stains, empty any ashtrays and get some rest. When morning rolls around, you’re bound to have more of a spring in your step!

The morning after the night before

First things first, drawer the curtains and open a window. Airing the spaces in which your party occurred will help minimise odours, while bright sunlight reveals any stains or spills you might have missed the night before. Flood the room with light and air, take a few deep breaths, and begin prioritising the tasks ahead, preferably with a cup of strong coffee in hand.

Circulate with a regular garbage bag, a recycling bag, and, finally attend to dirty glasses and plates. Remember to check whether hired crockery, cutlery, or glassware needs to be washed prior to its return. If not, just pack it away, making a note of any breakages.

Once you have cleared cluttered surfaces, add lemon juice and fairy liquid to hot water, and wipe them down thoroughly. Before rearranging your furniture, push chairs and occasional tables against the wall and vacuum.

Finally, rearrange your furniture, light a scented candle, sit back and relax.

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