Sophie’s Cleaning Tips Back to Basics

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Sophie’s Cleaning Tips Back to Basics

When it comes to cleaning our home, our cupboards tend to be full of every cleaning product on the go. But why is it that when you rush to the cupboard after that fatal spillage of red wine, that the item you need is nowhere to be seen? And leaves you panicking as to what do before your beautiful beige carpet starts resembling a
tie-dye disaster?

Firstly you can remove as much excess wine from the carpet by blotting it with a cloth and then grab some salt and shake it on the stain. The salt works wonders by absorbing the liquid and if time is of the essence, can be hovered up later on.

With this in mind, you would be amazed to discover just how many household items can be used as substitute cleaning products. When you think back to say 50 years ago, the cleaning products that we see lined up on the shelves of supermarkets did not exist. However people still had to clean their houses and here are some great ways of how they did this:

Bicarbonate of soda boasts an impressive list of uses; here are some to name a few. It works well at removing grease and dirt and works efficiently in cleaning the inside of your oven. It is a great way to get rid of unwanted mildew in the bathroom and to make your tiles look sparkly new again. It can also help unblock drains and extract stains and odours from carpet.

White vinegar is a tough stain remover, surface cleaner and great for tackling limescale build up in your kettle. By mixing water and vinegar together enables you to use it for washing your windows. It also acts as a mild disinfectant to clean the toilet.

Lemon juice is great for disinfecting, bleaching, dissolving grease and to eradicate the marks of limescale left around taps.

Olive oil works a treat on stainless steel to remove those unsightly fingerprints. For a shiny floor, try adding some vinegar to the oil and to make your own furniture polish add some lemon juice and water in to the mixture. The lemon juice tackles the dirt, whilst the olive oil protects the wood.

By trying these simple tips it could significantly reduce the amount of money you spend on cleaning products. It is also worth bearing in mind, that by making your own non-toxic cleaners it will make your home a safer one.

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