The Use Of A Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum Cleaner, as the name indicates uses the technique of creating a vacuum, helps in cleaning by sucking the dirt and dust from the carpeted floors. History of the vacuum cleaner shows the improvements and advancements that have happened from the invention of it. The oldest vacuum cleaner was invented in Chicago in 1869. It was the first hand held vacuum cleaner made of wood and canvas.

The concept of sucking the dust was introduced in 1901 by a British engineer, Cecil Booth. It was a big and heavy machine with a coach wagon outfitted with pumps. Slowly after four years in 1905 first portable vacuum cleaner was introduced by Chapman and Skinner in San Francisco. In 1907 vacuum cleaner which had some resemblance of the present vacuum cleaner was developed.

In 1919 manufacturing of the vacuum cleaner was started by Hoover cleaners. Nowadays, there are many companies involved in manufacturing vacuum cleaner and some famous companies among them are Hoover, Eureka and Royal Appliances. In recent times vacuum cleaners are manufactured with various configurations. Common configurations of a normal vacuum cleaner are upright and canister. The upright vacuum cleaners are up to waist height. In such vacuum cleaners the suction intake has direct connection to the pump with collecting bag mounted to the handle.

Canister type has separate motor and bag contained in separate units. It is connected to the vacuum head with a flexible hose. Wet vacuum and dry vacuum are specialized form of canister vacuum. This type of vacuums can be used to clean dry as well as wet spoilt. In some of the models in this type of vacuum there is a switch which enables the vacuum to be used for reverse airflow. This technique is used to blow out the dust in the corners and collect them and cleaning the blocked hose.

Back pack vacuum are commonly used for cleaning purpose. It is used for normal cleaning at home or work place. It is also a canister type of vacuum, but the difference is that the canister unit which contains the motor and dust collection bag has to be carried by the cleaner in their shoulders or back. Robotic vacuum and hand held battery vacuums are the latest types of vacuum cleaners.

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