Why Distilled Water Can Make All the Difference When You Clean

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Why Distilled Water Can Make All the Difference When You Clean

Most of the time, whenever we clean, water is involved. Whether water is the main thing being used to wash something, or it is being used to dilute a commercial cleaning product, we think very little of running a tap or a hose to get the water we need to try and clean something. However, what many people don’t realise when it comes to cleaning, is that the minerals in normal tap water or well water can actually create as many cleaning problems as the water prevents.

Natural water from the tap, or, if you live in the countryside and get your water from a well, is surprisingly high in minerals. In normal municipal water, things like fluoride are added automatically for public health reasons, whereas from wells, all kinds of minerals are present just as a natural subsidy to the water itself. These things don’t make the water unsafe to drink, as they are things the human body actually needs, but they do make the water less ideal for cleaning. Mineral rich water can leave streaks on your windows and mirrors, can leave marks on your upholstery, and, over time, can leave unsightly discolouration on your bathroom furniture or on your pots and pans.

For this reason, it is generally better to use distilled water for cleaning. This doesn’t mean that you need to pay a lot of money and have branded drinking water to use just to clean. Instead, invest in a water filter that you can use to take out the minerals in your tap water, and use the resulting distilled water for your cleaning needs. You will also probably find that the clear water you get out of your carbon based filtration system is nicer to drink.

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