Cleaning Uses For Ordinary Household Vinegar

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Cleaning Uses for Ordinary Household Vinegar

At a time when everybody is trying to find ways to save money, using ordinary things you already have around the home instead of special cleaning products can save you a lot of money. Equally, many people prefer using natural things that are kind to the environment to using proprietary chemicals for their cleaning needs, simply because it is more eco-friendly.

There are a surprising number of things you probably already have in your house that can be used to get very effective cleaning results, and one of them is ordinary vinegar. Vinegar is essentially acetic acid, and has powerful properties for cutting through grease. The acid temporarily dissolves the grease allowing it to be lifted off with a cloth or some kitchen roll.

Here are some household uses for normal distilled vinegar, as a cleaning product instead of as a flavour enhancer for chips!

1. Vinegar is great for cleaning glass of all kinds. A mixture of vinegar and water is perfect for cleaning windows, and is also excellent for wiping down mirrors without leaving any streaks or smears. A tiny amount of vinegar can also be used to clean the screens of things like your television, your computer monitor, and the touch screens on your phone or tablet.

2. A vinegar solution can be used to clean off stove tops, or take off stubborn baked on food on pans or inside your oven. Less caustic than normal over cleaners, you may need to scrub a little harder when you use a vinegar and water mix to clean these kinds of things, but you should find you are able to get your oven or pans looking as good as new at a much smaller cost.

3. Rags soaked in vinegar hidden around the garden are great for keeping both wild animal and pets away. Animals hate the smell of vinegar, so this is a good, natural way to stop them ruining your plants or making a mess on your lawn.

Vinegar is pretty cheap and has a lot of great cleaning and household uses. Stock up, and you will find you can get a lot of your cleaning jobs done for less!

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