A Spring Clean Guide In Depth

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Sophies Cleaning Tips: Spring Cleaning

With a long, dark winter finally drawing to a close we can begin to enjoy brighter days and longer evenings. However, as the sun radiates through our windows our eyes can not help be drawn to the thin film of dust that has collected during the darker months and the grubby marks on the windows preventing us to sit back and enjoy a welcome burst of light into our lives.

The best way to clear the cobwebs and welcome spring into our homes is a good old bit of spring-cleaning. However, before filling the bucket with soapy water and dusting off the marigolds there are some top tips for making this traditional process more enjoyable and easier to maintain right through to summer.

Uplifting music can be a great first step to get you in the mood so turn up the volume on that power balled and approach the first room with determination. Regardless of where you start take one room at a time. De-clutter the entire room filling at least two refuse sacks, one with rubbish and the other with anything suitable for recycling.

Clothes, books, toys and ornaments can all be donated to charity so be generous and get rid of anything you don’t need. Remove any chair and cushion covers, rugs, curtains and throws and wash if possible. Alternatively, fold them ready for dry cleaning or hang outside to air.

With a clear room you are ready to clean. Open the windows and tie up curtains if they haven?t been removed. To avoid soiling what you have already cleaned always begin from the top and work down.

Start with a feather duster to clear the walls and ceilings of any cobwebs. Remove all books from shelves and clean each shelf with polish and a clean duster, starting with the highest. Use window cleaner and newspaper to make windows gleam. Wash doorframes and skirting boards with household cleaner and a damp cloth and finish by hovering carpets and mopping wooden floors and tiles. If you are spring-cleaning a whole house leave the kitchen until last.

Begin by spraying the oven with cleaner and allow it to work its magic while you clean the rest of the appliances. Don’t underestimate the length of time spring-cleaning may take but don?t get disheartened. Return to your task the following day if necessary and make sure to award yourself with a tasty treat for all your hard work.

Once your rooms are fresh and the sun begins to shine through those clear windows you will be sure to feel a great sense of calm and have a spring in your step.

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