Gosforth Domestic House Cleaning Case Study

After Builders Clean carried out in Gossforth.
5 bedroom 2 bathroom house.

5 bedroom and 2 bathroom clean complete, time taken around 9 hours to complete a full clean with 2 of our ladies.

Sophie’s Cleaning Company were asked to carry out a After Builders clean on a 5 bedroom 2 bathroom house in Gossforth. We sent 2 of our fully uniformed, insured and experienced ladies to clean the property.

This property was covered in builders dust as it was a project property due to previous damages including all floors. Usually when this amount of building work has taken place you may find after the clean dust will re-settle again however our ladies left this property with a clean fresh feel.

The clean included all inside windows cleaned, all window frames cleaned, woodwork cleaned throughout including doors, door frames, window sills, skirting boards, all fixtures and fittings, radiators, spindles, floors and dusting of all walls.

All bathrooms where fully cleaned including all wall and floor tiles, fixtures and fittings, showers, baths, taps, sinks, plug holes, toilets and floors.

On our ladies arrival they did start the cleaning process by dusting down all walls first to remove any surface dust. If we where to leave this until after cleaning this would have created dust around the property.

We then focused on the bathroom and kitchen giving them a thorough clean as dust tends to surface again on the wall tiles especially if there is fresh grouting. Once completed we cleaned the rest of the property and went back to give the bathrooms another sparkle clean.

The floors in this property where the natural floor boards brought back to life therefore we where asked to be very careful as some had been treated and some untreated. We washed the floors very lightly but enough to remove dirt, we did not use any harsh products. The products used were specifically for these floors.

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