Cleaning Brass, Copper & Wine Stains.

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Sophie’s Cleaning Tips : Clean copper pan

Fill up the spray bottle with two cups of vinegar and three tablespoons of salt.
Shake well, then spray it on the copper pans.
Leave it for a moment.
Scrub them until clean.
Wash normally.

Scrub the copper pan with toothpaste will also give good result.

To remove stain:
Scrub the copper surface with a half of lime fruit which had been peeled and soaked with salt.

Spray the copper surface with vinegar and salt
Leave it for a while.
Scrub until clean.

Brass Cleaning Tip

To ensure the ornaments made from brass stay shiny:

Soak several ripe Bilimbi (Avverhoa Bilimbi), a kind of sour carambola fruit for a half of an hour in the water.
Mash them until soft.
Mix them with liquid detergent and scrubbing ash.
Scrub the mixture on the brass ornaments.

Red wine stains on carpet

The first step involved in removing red wine stains from a carpet is to absorb the excess liquid by means of a paper towel. A cleaning mixture is prepared by adding carpet shampoo in an amount of 1 teaspoon to a cup full of hydrogen peroxide. A sponge is soaked in this mixture, squeezed and then used to absorb the wine stain. The affected region is then sponged with warm water. A paper towel is used to blot the region in order to dry it.

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