How To Clean A Barbecue Or Grill

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Sophie’s Cleaning Tips

After you use the barbecue or grill:

Put it inside a garbage bag.
Pour a mixture of liquid detergent and water in the bag.
Tie the bag tightly.
Put it horisontally and leave it soaked in the bag for a few hours.
Rinse well.
Dry it.

To clean the grill:

Cover the grill with thick aluminium foil and close all sides tightly. Heat the charcoal and if it has reached the hottest temperature, put the wrapped grill on the fire and “grill” the grill.

The grease and other left over will be burnt and the aluminium wrap will hold it. Keep the grill clean in the future by spraying or dabbing cooking oil before you use it.

Grill will be easier to clean if:

You smear it with cooking oil.
Use toothbrush or nail brush to clean larger food left over.
Put it in the dishwasher


Put it in a big bucket.
Pour hot water and liquid detergent.
Scrub it when the water is not too hot.
Rinse well and dry it.

Cleaning Coffee Maker Tip

Sometimes the coffee can taste bitter or sour. In that case, clean the coffee maker by:

Pour eight cups of water which had been mixed with several teaspoons of baking soda.
Shake well until it covers the whole part of the container.
Clear it away.
Rinse one more time with clean water.

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