How To Cut Your Household Cleaning Costs

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Sophie’s Cleaning Tips

How to Cut Your Household Cleaning Costs

At the moment, everybody is trying to save money wherever they can. The cost of living keeps on going up, but there are certain things that just can’t be sacrificed. In most households, whether you live with your family, alone, or with flatmates, cleaning is one of those essential things that cannot be forgotten just because money is tight. If you care about keeping your home clean but don’t like the expense that comes with all those detergents and other products, here are some tips for living cleanly on a budget:

Never Do Your Laundry Without a Full Load

It seems simple, but waiting until you have a full machine load of washing to do saves you money on both detergents and fabric softeners, and energy. Plan when you are going to do your washing instead of running a load every night or whenever you want a certain item of clothing clean.

Use Everyday Items as Cleaning Products

Vinegar, lemon juice and baking soda all work really well as products for cleaning everything from windows and mirrors through to surfaces and pots and pans. Don’t invest in costly cleaning solutions when you already have things that cut through dirt and grease just as well in your home.

Avoid Using Your Dishwasher for Everything

Dishwashers can be really convenient, but like washing machines they eat through energy and expensive detergents. If you have prepared a simple meal, just wash the plates and cutlery in the sink to save water and cleaning products.

Use Old Clothes as Dusters and Cloths

If you have worn out t-shirts or other clothes, this can save you money where you may normally buy dusters or cleaning cloths. If it isn’t good enough for the charity shop, rip it up and let it help you with your cleaning!

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