Keep Calm & Spring Clean!

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Sophie’s Cleaning Tips

Keep Calm and Spring Clean!

They call it a Spring clean for a reason, that one season a year you finally get round to having that deep, immaculate tidy house. Finding the things you haven’t seen since your last spring clean, and wondering.. should you keep it for another year or part with this object! Tough decision right? ..Wrong!

Spring cleaning could be more fun than you think, here are some tips on how to give your home a little spring spruce up!

Turn your Trash into Cash

OK, so you’re trying to create more space and you come across items that are not quite worthy of the bin.. There are ways to go around this, you could:

A) Have a yard sale? Make a sign and put up a table in your garden or outside your house in the street (in good weather) it might help to put some cakes on the side, along with the items to draw the buyers in a little, but it works a treat! Just offer realistic prices on whatever you are selling.

B) Sell on EBay? Make an EBay account, take a couple of pictures of the items upload them with a reasonable price and description and viola! Caution: Might become addictive!

C) Recycle Unwanted clothes, shoes and belts? All over the UK now there are those little services in most communities that have a place where you can weigh any unwanted clothing and garments and get some money for them, every little helps!

Of course there are many more ways to spring clean, minimizing space by keeping things together in storage boxes, giving clothes to charity, recycling, cleaning as you go so there is less to clean when it comes to the BIG clean.

Always remember, one persons trash is another persons treasure!

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