How To Successfully Clean A Granite Worktop

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How to Successfully Clean a Granite Worktop

A lot of people choose granite work surfaces for their kitchens because not only do they look great, they also offer a lot of resilience. A good set of granite worktops can also actually add value to your house, so if you have them, it is well worth taking the best possible care of them. Granite isn’t the easiest thing to clean, and while it is a tough, durable material, you may have some problems keeping it looking its best if you are not in the know about how to maintain it.

Happily, we have plenty of great advice to offer about keeping your granite counters in good shape:

1. Never Clean Your Granite Work Surfaces with an Acidic Cleaner

Many kitchen cleaning products contain some kind of acid because it is good for cutting through grease, but products of this sort can cause a problem when used on granite. This is because acid based cleaners, such as those based on citrus fruits like orange or lemon, can etch the surface of the granite and cause lasting harm. Keep those cleaning products for your pans and stove and use a pH neutral product for your granite work surfaces. You will find they stay nice and smooth this way.

2. Use Cleaning Products Designed Specifically for Granite

While you may find that for cleaning up the odd bit of food or getting rid of the occasional stain, generic cleaning products are OK, when you do a full clean of your counters it is much better to use a cleaner that is designed just for granite surfaces. This will break down dirt and grease without making the finish on your granite more porous.

3. Address Stains Fast

Natural finishes like granite will absorb stains like red wine or tomato very quickly and you won’t be able to ever remove that discolouration from your counters. When you spill something or have something boil over, get to work cleaning it up as soon as you feasibly can to avoid long term damage to your granite counter tops.

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