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Sophie’s Cleaning Tips

When it comes to the end of a rented accommodation tenancy, there are a few things that need to be dealt with properly in order to ensure you received your precious full deposit back. If you are in shared accommodation, this may be harder done than said.

First of all, obtain a cleaning inspection sheet (if they have one) from your letting agency. If they don’t have one, then ask them their criteria is for leaving the property.

Next, it is really important if you live in shared accommodation that you talk about who is leaving when and what needs to be done. This doesn’t have to be (and will work out better if it’s not) a military operation. Just make sure everyone has something to do.

Make sure everyone is aware that cleaning their own room (just hovering the floor) is not team work, and doesn’t count. Of course everyone needs to clean their own room, but there is more to it than that!

Establish who’s kitchen ware is whose, so the last person leaving doesn’t get accused of throwing away someone’s much loved lasagne dish.

Start with your own rooms to get into that cleaning mode; take down posters, carefully, fill pin holes with a dusting of chalk if needs be. Or use a big blog of blue tack to easily tack of those little remnants you can’t pick off.

Move the bed around in order to hoover underneath it. Return the furniture back to how you found it, if you’ve had some creative re-design. Don’t forget to take what is yours!

Clean the windows with window cleaning and a dry cloth, then open the windows and spray some febreeze to get rid of that lived in smell. Leave it in a respectable manner, i.e neat and tidy.

Don’t forget the deep clean of a bathroom perhaps the most important. Get a really good bathroom cleaning and blitz the shower for water marks and please unblock the plug holes that have been strangled by hair. The toilet brush is there for a reason, and with some bleach it will come up sparking once again. Then back out mopping the floor, and you’re done.

The kitchen should be left until the last cup of tea and been enjoyed and washed up. De-frost the freezer, remove all food and clean and do the same with the fridge. Wipe all white-goods that aren’t yours. Dust, sweep, hoover and mop until it looks how you would want to find it. And do not, for goodness sake, leave any black bin bags.

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