Post Party Cleaning Hints & Tips

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Sophie’s Cleaning Tips

Ok, so the party was a huge success, everyone enjoyed themselves some maybe a bit too much! But before you can indulge in your morning-after fry up and start gossiping you’re faced with the least pleasant post-party task the clean-up.

It’s never going to be much fun (or even as exciting as the anticipation of the preparation clean) but don’t panic, a few tips and techniques can help the process go smoothly and quickly. Firstly, don’t try to tackle the whole mess all in one go prioritise. Gather up all the empty glasses, plates, wrappers etc. and bag them up.

Next try deal with unfinished food/drink. It’s usually helpful to sort any spills or major food drop issues along the way. After these steps you can begin the proper clean wash all the non-disposable dishes (or get them in the dishwasher), take all the bags of rubbish to the outdoor bins (remember to recycle!), clear the floors of any odds and ends then hoover.

Leave mopping your kitchen floor and wiping/polishing all the surfaces until last you don’t want to do unnecessary work that later needs repeating!

Finally put all your crockery/cutlery away and place any items moved specifically for the party evening back where they live.

In the event of a major disaster, such as a wine stain or cigarette burn, it’s a good idea to search the internet for specialised advice for your precise problem. Try and do this right away, as some solutions and treatments may work best if applied as soon as possible after the accident.

Hopefully this completes your after party clean if you were energetic enough to do this in the evening then get yourself off to bed, you deserve a rest! If not (like me) then it’s time for that morning after fry up now.

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