Teenage Party Clean Up Guide

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Sophie’s Cleaning Tips

Cleaning up after a house party

There are two types of clean up after house parties; the wasn’t that a lovely evening we’ll clean up in the morning type of house party or the OMG my parents will be home in 3 hours and the house is wrecked party.

Let’s deal with the teenage party aftermath. You’ve probably all been there; parents away, let’s get some friends round, turns into a massive party.

You wake up in the morning, probably not feeling at your best, go downstairs and the full horror hits you. Full ash trays, drinks cans and glasses all over the house, stains on the carpets and worst of all the floor covered in sleeping guests.

Time to get your trusted team together; get your friends to wake people up with the promise of a cooked breakfast for all those that help clean up, be strict on this or it won’t work. Organise these people and give them specific jobs to do, don’t expect them to think! Send one person to the local shop or supermarket to get the bacon, eggs, sausages, etc. Then hand out black bin backs to the others with the instruction to put everything in them, except of course the glasses, and deliver to the kitchen, the hub of all activity.

Once all the rubbish is cleared and all glasses and crockery are in the kitchen work your way round and check for damage and areas that neat special attention. This could be broken glass, stained carpets, spillages, etc. Arrange your help partners to get these sorted out. If you don’t have all the cleaning materials you need get on the phone to your friend that has gone shopping and get them to pick them up.

Get the best cook to start cooking breakfasts and keep the ingredients warm in the oven. Load the dishwasher with plates and glasses until it is full and start the first wash. Line everything else that needs the dishwasher neatly on the side. Don’t forget you’re going to need to wash up after breakfast too!

Now go round and run a second check, assign jobs to get anything fixed. Anyone that doesn’t want to help gets told, very kindly to leave!

Assign hovering duties and hopefully that will be your lot.

Worst case scenario is that your parents come home early and find you and some friends having a civilised breakfast in the kitchen.

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