Seaton Burn Domestic House Cleaning Case Study

Most people, of course, keep their homes in good condition. But when you lead a busy lifestyle, you often haven’t got the time to keep things quite as shipshape as you’d like to. The Youngs were just such a lovely couple. Nobody would have said that their home was dirty, but Mrs Young in particular knew that it could actually be cleaner.

She had a particular reason for wanting her home to be sparkling – her first child was due in a fortnight and she wanted everything to be perfect for the baby’s arrival. It was actually her husband who called to ask if we could help out. We told Mr Young that we’d be happy to do just that.

We also suggested that with a new baby on the way, they might want to think about a green cleaning regime. That would mean that we’d use the most advanced cleaning materials and fluids which did not contain many of the unpleasant and potentially dangerous chemicals that all too many products include.

There are various nasties that many people want to avoid – especially with a baby in the house. These include chemicals like 2-Butoxyethanol which is just about as sinister as it sounds. It can cause irritation to the eyes and skin and it’s even been associated with blood disorders. Then there are coal tar dyes, present in a surprising number of cleaning products. And many products contain ammonia – the list goes on.

Mr Young was keen on the green cleaning idea and so we set a date a couple of days away – we didn’t want to delay in case the baby decided to come early.

The Young’s home was a three-bedroom semi-detached house in the suburbs of the city which they’d only recently bought. Both of the Youngs went out to work not long after we arrived and we rolled up our sleeves and made a start of giving the property perhaps the most thorough clean it had ever had.

We were finished by about 4.30 in the afternoon and after a final check we left before the Youngs had arrived back from work. They called the next day with profuse thanks for the job we’d done. It’s always great for us to hear from a satisfied client!

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