Woolsington Domestic House Cleaning Case Study

You hear plenty of stories about “tenants from hell” but you hear much less about tenants who are actually honest and keen to keep their side of the bargain. Although we are sometimes called in by landlords whose tenants have left their property in an appalling state, we also get tenants who hire us so that they leave their rental property in excellent condition.

The Fosters were just such a couple. They’d been renting a property just outside the city, a three-bedroom detached house with a large garden, for the last couple of years. Mrs Foster was pregnant and soon to give birth to their second child and so they’d decided that they needed more space. They’d found a new rental property to their liking and were due to move in a couple of weeks.

What they wanted to do was move out a couple of days before their tenancy ended and their plan was that they would hire professional cleaners to give the property a deep clean before handing it back to their landlord. With this schedule in mind, we fixed a date that suited them. It meant that we’d have the house to ourselves to do the cleaning job which actually made things easier for us – and for the Fosters.

Although the Fosters had looked after their rental home well, professional cleaners like us can reach the parts that everyday cleaning routines tend to miss. We got in behind all the furniture and made sure there were no secret dust piles, cleared away every cobweb from every corner and gave the kitchen and the two bathrooms a full deep clean including inside and outside of all cupboards and a oven clean. The Fosters did like to fry their food which left the kitchen very greasy as you can imagine however with the correct products we completely gotten rid of that sticky residue feel and left the tiles and cupboards with a sparkle.

For the Fosters, handing back the property in at least as good condition as when they moved in was a matter of pride and good manners. But there was also the deposit – two month’s rent – that they’d paid at the start of their tenancy.  After our cleaning job, there was no way that any landlord would have the least excuse to withhold a single penny of the deposit.

Once we’d finished, the Fosters came to inspect our handiwork and they were very generous in the compliments they paid us. They said they’d definitely call us once they came to the end of another tenancy.

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