Sophie’s Cleaning Tips – After Party Clean

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Sophie’s Cleaning Tips

After party clean

Waking up to the realization that you have an entire house to clean after a successful party is daunting. However, you dont have to perform an after party clean immediately. You can do some pre-cleaning to put the house in to shape then perform the detailed work later. Here are some few pre-cleaning tips that you can perform:

Open up all the windows to chase away any stench smells. This helps in case someone like your parents walk in before you are done with cleaning, they will not suspect of a party ever happening.

Get a big garbage bag and gloves on. Go to every room of the house collecting garbage like cigarette filters, bottles, paper napkins and wrappers as you go on. Do not leave any garbage behind with the hopes of collecting it later.

In the course of collecting the trash, do not avoid any spills that you come across. Deal with the spills immediately since they might turn out to be trouble in case ignored.

Make your kitchen sink the collection area of any dishes that you come across in the house. Make sure to empty any half-filled cups and plates. This will assist in making the utensils cleaning easier. If you have any leftover foods that you would like to keep, transfer them to a container and refrigerate immediately.

The last tip is to fill the dishwasher with as many dishes as you can. However, if you do not have a dishwasher, you can decide to classify the dishes and soak them for easy cleaning.

These tips will assist your after party clean easier. Always remember to make your kitchen the center of all cleaning. It assists in making your work easier.

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