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Sophie’s Cleaning Tips

Millions of people live in temporary accommodation, either through choice or hardship. The duration can range from a few months to years. This would depend of circumstance, financial security or state dependency.

There are two types of Tenancy, public and private and both governed by the same law. Those in private tenancies have more choice over where the live, how large their property can be and how long they choose to stay in it. On the other hand, public tenancies are greatly affected by supply and demand. Supply in that there are very few public sector owned properties around, far outstripping demand. This means that public tenants hang onto their tenancies for generations.

Tenancies can come to an end through various circumstances. A natural end of the contractual term, an eviction, a notice from either the landlord, breach of tenancy, or the tenant or a death. Properties can be left in various states, depending on the occupants who have moved. The vast majority are left fairly clean, but there are some that need intensive cleaning in order to bring them back to occupation standards.

Where intensive cleaning is needed, the property would have to be cleared of all furniture and rubbish. It may also be necessary to fumigate. Most companies use industrial cleaning chemicals to wash down all fittings and fixtures in the property. The standard turn around period for a void property is two weeks, but could be longer where major works are being carried out.

Landlords would normally use profession-cleaning services, which have the expertise for dealing with any eventuality when it comes to cleaning and rubbish clearance. Quite often the property would also need to be painted and decorated before habitation. This would give the property a fresh new feel, and get rid of stubborn stains such as cigarette smoke, faded paint and general wear and tear of the property.

Once the property has been cleaned, it is given a new lease of life, erasing all its past history, and ready to become a home to its new occupants.

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