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Sophie’s Cleaning Tips

Natural Cleaning

Granted that cleaning up around your home using vinegar wont smell great however it deep cleans, kills bacteria and removes stubborn stains. Using a simple cloth even an old cut off from a dish towel or bed linen provided you stick the cloth in the wash every now and then or give it a good wash with hot soapy water this cloth will last longer than the ones you by in store. Add a little vinegar to the cloth, ordinary white vinegar or cider vinegar will do and you can use this product almost anywhere. My Grandmother swore by this.

Not only is it beneficial around the home for cleaning around the home its also for glass and windows. Natural products have been used for a very long time, before our craze of expensive cleaning products that can actually be harmful to ourselves and members of our household due to the high levels of chemicals used.

A Little Touch Lemon

Lemons are fabulous not only do they smell delicious they taste great too. Lemons have been used in cleaning products for years not just to add a nice smell to your anti-bacterial products but lemons are great for cleansing.

Helpful tips for using lemons!

Squeeze the juice of a lemon into a bowl and using a cloth you can clean almost anything with this. But what I usually do is keep an old spray bottle and add the lemon juice with water into the spray bottle, this makes it super easy to clean up with and also makes the home made product last longer. The lemon also leaves a fabulous smell and a nice organic shine around the home.

Simple yet productive!

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