Spring Into Cleaning

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Sophie’s Cleaning Tips

Spring Into Cleaning

When Spring arrives, it’s nice to have a clean, fresh and airy house that makes you proud. Cleaning isn’t a fun activity but if you put some of the following tips in place, you could make it less of a chore and a bit interesting for you and the family.

Get the family involved – Assign each family member to a room (even the kiddies!). Getting everyone involved will make the work go quicker and it can be made into a competition as to who can clean the quickest. So crank up some party tunes and dance the place tidy as a family!

Play basketball with trash bags – When you are sorting out the clutter in your house, fill bags with stuff that needs to go to charity and a separate bag for junk that needs to be thrown out. As you’re assigning things to each bag, you and the family can make it a game of basketball. Whoever gets the most hoops can get some sort of reward when the cleaning is finished.

Having plenty of storage is important – You probably have knickknacks lying around that don’t have a home. The first rule of house cleaning is that everything should have a home. So, have plenty of storage boxes and put everything away. If you don’t use something anymore be strict and either toss it, recycle it or donate to someone who could benefit from it.

Don’t waste money on expensive cleaning materials – The whole point of cleaning is to get rid of the clutter so don’t start adding more to it. You don’t need expensive cloths and products to clean with. Keep it simple!

Old socks make great cloths and there is no better multi-purpose cleaner than vinegar and water. This will save you money and you can get rid of even more things in your home that you don’t need.

Don’t forget the finer details – When we clean we often forget about things like upholstery, skirting boards and light fittings. Put a vacuum or rag to these places and get the house as spotless as possible. Concentrating on these often overlooked spots will only make your home a better place to live and be proud of.

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