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Sophie’s Cleaning Tips

Do you ever feel as though the household chores are getting harder and more time-consuming? All these adverts that guarantee to banish bacteria and obliterate stains can often fall short of their promises, something only discoverable after you’ve parted with too much of your hard-earned cash. Even with all our modern conveniences and technological advances, there is still no way to wriggle out of the housework! However, there are some traditional and cost-effective ways to make it a little easier.

Tile flooring looks great in the kitchen, but can be difficult to clean when dealing with dried-on cooking spillages and greasy marks. Mixing a cup of baking soda into a mop bucket of water before getting to work on the floors can restore your kitchens sparkle and shine with ease.

White wine vinegar is a great product to have around for affordable and effective cleaning one of the best tips I’ve been given is to rub the vinegar onto taps with limescale build-up then scrub with a soft cloth, or pour it over the affected area in the case of a really offensive limescale problem and leave it for a few hours before rinsing thoroughly.

As chance would have it, my last two tips lead me nicely into my final cheap trick to help with everyone’s least favourite household task cleaning the toilet. Just mix one part baking soda with one part vinegar, leave it to work its magic for about half an hour, then give it a good scrub with a toilet brush. The result will be so fresh and gleaming you could eat your dinner off it. But obviously, that’s not recommended.

So there you have it, some handy hints using products that are probably gathering dust in the kitchen cupboard!

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