Tips For Cleaning Hardwood Floors

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Sophie’s Cleaning Tips – Tips for Cleaning Hardwood Floors

Wood Floor/Parquet

The best way to keep wood floor looks shiny is by sweeping and moping it all the time. Spray the mop with wax so that when you mop, you are cleaning and polishing at the same time. It is best to mop it at least once a week. Ensure the mop is not too soggy to avoid water absorbed into the wood. That absorption will only make the wood bent.Detergent in general is too strong for wood floor.

It is better to use a mixture of:

A half cup of vinegar.
Four liters of water
Soak the mop into the mixture.
Wring out until dry.
Scrub over a small part of the wood.
Replace the mixture if the mixture gets dirty.
Remove heel marks with oil or eraser.
Remove scratches by softest steel wood pad which had been soaked into floor wax.
Brown shoe polisher mixed with floor wax could be used to shine the dull-coloured part.

Laundry Cleaning Tips

Since there are so many types of clothes and fabrics in the market, it is difficult to determine what had to be done when laundry time come. Hot water or cool? Dry-clean or hand-wash? Should the natural fabric be treated differently with synthetic fabric? Once the clothes stained, does it mean it could no longer be mend?

Here are several laundry cleaning tips which will make washing the laundry is no longer a nightmare:

Remove the stain as soon as possible. Once you wash and dry the clothes without treating the stain, it will be harder to clean the stain.
Dry the stain by dabbing the stain by clean cloth so that the stain could be absorbed.
Use a little bit of stain removal (for clothes) and daub it on the stain. And then, dab with clean cloth, but do not scrub.
Start from the edge of the stain, continue into the center of the stain. That way, it will prevent the stain spread.

Stain Removal - Wine Sweat Beer Paint
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