Cleaning Tips For Velvet Wool Fibers

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Sophie’s Cleaning Tips

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Most of the fibers in the washing machine caused by dirty fiber container. Always remember to clean the container before you wash your clothes.
Loose Fibers

Remove loose fibers on your clothes by adding a cup of white vinegar on the final cycle.
Keeping the Clothes Colour Bright

Add one tablespoon of Epsom salt for every four liters of rinsing water to help the colour stay bright and not lose colour.
Shrinking Wool

If you accidently shrink a wool garment:

Wash it in the mixture of hair conditioner and water.
Slowly recover it to original size.
Let it dry by draping it.

Make Your Own Starch Spray

Mix a tablespoon of corn flour and a half cup of water.
Slowly add one cup of boiling water.
Pour the mixture in a spray bottle.
Leave it cool.

Geese Feather Pillow

Wash geese feather pillow inside the pillowcase:

Use warm water and gentle foam detergent with lowest cycle.
Stop in the middle of the cycle and turn the pillow over.
Dry it with dryer (in low heat setting). It will take approximately two hours.


To wash velvet at home:

Hold the velvet on the water steam to straighten the crease.
Flap it.
Brush it with soft brush.
Iron the inner surface first, then the outer part.

Delicate Clothings

You can wash delicate clothings in the washing machine by:

Putting them inside a pillow case or a net bag.
Use lowest cycle setting for delicate clothings.

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