Dinnington Domestic House Cleaning Case Study

Many people nowadays are taking advantage of websites like Airbnb to rent out their properties for short-term holiday lets. In the vast majority of cases this is an arrangement which works well for both property owners and renters. But every so often, things can go badly wrong.

We came across a situation when that’s just what had happened not so long ago. A young woman called us, obviously quite upset, to ask how quickly we could do a deep-clean in her flat which she rented out to holidaymakers.

Unfortunately, one set of guests had decided that it would be a good idea to rent her three-bedroom terraced house near the city centre for a weekend and to use it as the venue for a wild party. The young lady had reported the guests to the letting company, but that still left her with an apartment that was in a really bad state after a drunken party that seemed to have lasted for the whole weekend.

The property owner was especially anxious because she had another letting booked in a couple of days. She would have no choice but to cancel that booking, which was for two weeks, unless she could very rapidly get the house back into a decent state.

We told her that we’d need to come and have a quick look at the house to see how bad the situation was and that we’d be able to do that in the afternoon. We met her at the property and it had indeed been left in a filthy state with empty beer cans everywhere, a filthy bathroom and an unpleasantly dirty kitchen.

Even so, we told her that we’d be able to come along the very next day and with two of our cleaners on the job, we’d be finished by the evening. This was a huge weight off her mind – it meant she wouldn’t have to cancel the upcoming booking.

We got to work the next morning, starting off by clearing away all of the party debris. The property did not require a full deep clean but definitely a deep clean. We did not have to worry about inside cupboards ect as you can imagine they were not used. This property mostly consisted of alcohol spillages to the carpets, sofas, walls and furniture. We started to clean all surfaces and remove any marks off the walls once the place was sparkling again we then we set about cleaning stains off the soft furnishings and cleaning the carpets and the lino in the kitchen.

Once we’d finished the owner came to inspect and told us that the house was now the cleanest she’d ever seen it in 5 year. Another job well done and another happy client!



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