Seaton Delaval Domestic House Cleaning Case Study

One quite unusual call that came through to us was from two young men. They shared a rather smart, three-bedroom apartment in the city centre with a young woman. It was simply a convenient flat share and none of them were partners.

The young lady had been away on a work assignment in Berlin for two months. The two men had allowed the apartment to get into a fairly horrendous state while she was gone. Now she was due back in a few days and they could imagine how annoyed she would be when she saw the state of the apartment. Sad but true – the absence of a feminine influence meant that the two lads had let things slide.

The two of them decided they needed professional domestic cleaners – and that’s where we came in. A rather panicked phone call came into our offices from one of the men one morning asking how quickly we could do a complete clean-up of the apartment. He explained the situation and how anxious he and his flatmate were to get their apartment spick and span before the young lady returned.

We were happy to tell him that we could come along the next day and we were sure that we could thoroughly clean an apartment of that size within one day. The sigh of relief at the other end of the line was clearly audible.

We arrived the next morning at 9 o’clock and in fact the apartment wasn’t too bad – it was certainly unkempt and hadn’t been cleaned or dusted for weeks but the dirt was mostly on the surface. We were actually able to tell the two lads that we wouldn’t even need the whole day to finish the job.

We never spin out an assignment – it’s actually in our interest as well as the client’s to get a job finished to the highest standards as quickly as possible.

The young lady’s bedroom was fine, but the bedrooms of the two lads were in quite a state so we started off there. After tidying up and organising things the best we could we then pulled out the furniture to the middle of the rooms to clean behind, then we put everything back and cleaned all the furniture and woodwork and windows in each room and finished with the floors. After that we moved on to the living room which was soon cleared up. Then came the kitchen which was sparkling after a couple of hours of concerted elbow grease. Our main priority in this property was re arranging, tidying up the mess and getting rid of the dirty hand marks and dust from all woodwork. The floors had not been cleaned in a while but after our visit the place was like new with a cosy feel.

The two young men were ever so grateful – and their secret would remain safe with us.



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