Hazlerigg After Builders Domestic House Cleaning Case Study

With property prices so high these days, many of us decide to extend our existing homes instead of increasing our mortgages to buy a new place. Some people extend the rear ground floor of their houses into the garden, others go for an extra room in the attic. But however you enlarge your home, it’s almost certainly going to mean calling the builders in.

Now many builders are quite conscientious, but at the end of the day they’re professional builders, not professional cleaners. And that does mean that once your building work is over, your house can be in a bit of a state. There may be muddy boot marks tramped across your carpets and there’s sure to be lots of dust.

One couple who’d opted for a kitchen extension into their back garden, the Guptas, called us to ask if we could come in now that their builders had finished work. The builders had done a great job on the extension they said, but the house wouldn’t feel back to normal until it had been given a deep clean.

The home was a four-bedroom detached house in a pleasant area on the outskirts of the city, and we were happy to give them a quote over the phone. With our lengthy experience of domestic cleaning jobs, we were able to confidently say that two of our staff would be able to accomplish the job in a single day.

We arrived at 9 o’clock when Mr Gupta was off to work and their two children were at school. After letting us in, Mrs Gupta herself headed into work and we got started on the job. She was going to pick the children up after school and take them to a friend’s house so that we would have a clear day to get the job finished.

We began by clearing up all the dust in the house, starting from the top and working our way down as the dust does tend to re-settle. Once we vacuumed away most of the dust we then gave everything a thorough clean to remove the remaining dust then vacuumed again once we had completely cleaned each room. Then we got to work on the floor coverings and also polished the wooden floor in the new kitchen. We were finished by 5 o’clock when Mrs Gupta came back. She was more than happy with our work and delighted to see her house restored to its pristine state complete with the new extension. What once felt like a building site now felt like a family home with that cosy feeling.


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