How To Reduce Dog Odours In Your Home

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How to Reduce Dog Odours in Your Home

Keeping a dog, or multiple dogs, can be great – they offer companionship, protection, and can also be pretty cute. Sadly, another thing they generally bring with them is that familiar ‘dog smell’. The distinctive smell of dogs isn’t caused by dirt or excrement, but by the natural oils produced by their skin. These keep their coats healthy, much in the same way the oils in our own hair do, but they carry a smell that can linger anywhere where a dog has spent a lot of time. If you have ever visited someone with dogs, you may well have noticed the smell at their home. So how can you keep your dogs without your home having that doggy aroma?

Keeping the dogs themselves clean is one step towards reducing dog smells in your house. Regular baths with a shampoo approved for use on pets will remove the oil from the fur and keep your dog smelling fresh, which will stop the doggy odour from getting onto furniture and around you house. Training dogs to only sleep in certain places can also be helpful in keeping the dog smell off of things that can be hard to clean like your sofa. If they only sleep in their own baskets with blankets you can simply machine wash, there are less things to clean to reduce the smell.

Use a product like Febreze regularly to neutralise the smell anywhere your dogs do spend a lot of time. While Febreze doesn’t technically clean things, it does destroy the source of odours, so between washing things like blankets and cushions where your dogs go, a product like this will make a big difference to how fresh your home smells. The added benefit is that Febreze can also be used as a general air freshener, so you can use it to quickly refresh your home’s general smell if you need to quickly, when guests arrive for example.

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