Tips for Keeping Mirrors Streak Free

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Sophie’s Cleaning Tips

Tips for Keeping Mirrors Streak Free

One of the basic cleaning tasks that stumps a lot of people is cleaning their household mirrors without leaving smears or streaks. Mirrors, like windows, present the problems of cleaning glass, which is a very smooth surface that is prone to streaks and smudges, but due to the fact they are reflective and are something people look at a lot (after all, the point of a mirror is to look in it), streaky mirrors are far worse than streaky windows.

Using too much of a liquid cleaning product that isn’t fast drying will lead to streaks. Avoid using things you ‘squirt’ to clean mirrors directly. If you want to use this kind of product, dispense the liquid onto a cloth and apply it to the mirror that way, rather than squirting the liquid onto the mirror surface where it will immediately run down.

Use a cleaning product that has a degreasing agent to clean mirrors and get rid of any smears. A lot of the smears on mirrors come from contact with human skin, such as fingerprints, and are oily. Rubbing these will just spread the oil around and make an even worse smear, so what you need is a gentle acid or solvent that will break down the oil. Cleaning products that contain citrus elements like orange or lemon are good for doing this in a natural way. If you don’t have anything on hand in terms of specific cleaning products, you can even use a solution of water and vinegar. The vinegar will cut through the oily residue and remove the grease. All you need to do is wipe the solution over the mirror using a cloth or piece of kitchen paper.

When you have wiped your mirror, let the product you have used dry off by itself, and you will have a lovely streak free mirror!

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