The Easiest Way To Make Your Own Window Cleaner

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Sophie’s Cleaning Tips

April is just around the corner, meaning that spring-cleaning time is soon to be upon us. When it comes to spring-cleaning, most will bulk at the costs involved, especially when it comes to freshening up your windows. Thankfully, with the help of a homemade window cleaning solution, you can spare the cost and still get sparkling results.

Start creating your cleaning solution by getting yourself an empty spray bottle. Pour in one cup of water and one cup of white vinegar, before shaking rigorously in order to blend the two. Add a small tablespoon of cornstarch to the concoction to the give it that extra punch, before shaking up the solution again. Once your formula is made, spray it broadly across the window before wiping it down with either a linen free cloth or an old newspaper. Collectively, this should give your window an enviable streak free finish.

If you find yourself battling with a particularly stubborn stain, try altering the vinegar to water ratio to make the solution stronger. You can also try applying undiluted vinegar straight to the affected area, but be sure to rinse it off immediately after to prevent any acidic damage.

Hints and Tips

– Wear rubber gloves when creating the solution; also wear rubber gloves if you use newspaper to wipe down the window.

– Don?t add cornstarch to the solution if you are cleaning your window on a hot day, as the mixture may prematurely dry out and cause streaks.

– Vinegar is a highly acidic substance and should be handled sensibly; don?t take its effects lightly.

– Don?t use a vinegar based cleaner near stone or marble surfaces, as any damaged caused such can easily become permanent.

– If a stone or marble surface is based underneath the window, make sure it is fully covered before using the solution.

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